Fannie Report Warned of Foreclosure Problems in 2006

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We were warned that as foreclosures increased, that Guideline changes would follow. So the new Fannie Mae Guidelines for Foreclosures, Short Sales, and Bankruptcies should not come as a surprise. Those that have tried to justify Strategic Defaults need to seriously rethink their position, because as these voluntary defaults increase the number of foreclosures, additional Guideline changes will.

“Given where we are today, more and more people recognize that vacant properties are a problem no matter how they became. real estate with home prices down 34 percent since July 2006 and as.

In 2006, still years before foreclosures claimed the spotlight, a law firm hired by Fannie to investigate Lavalle’s claims issued their own report that largely ccorroborated his findings.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Cities in the U.S. Sun Belt states of California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona dominated first-quarter mortgage foreclosure rankings, with other problem areas likely.

A Mortgage Tornado Warning, Unheeded. YEARS before the housing bust – before all those home loans turned sour and millions of Americans faced foreclosure – a wealthy businessman in Florida set out to blow the whistle on the mortgage game. His name is Nye Lavalle, and he first came to attention not in finance but in sports and advertising.

The 2011 edition of the “State of the Nation’s Housing”, an annual report from. or already in the foreclosure process. The amount of equity in American homes has plummeted from $14.9 trillion in.

In 2005, Fannie Mae hired a law firm to investigation the allegation. In 2006, the law firm reported that it had discovered that foreclosure attorneys in Florida were "routinely filing false pleadings and affidavits." Fannie officials said that they informed a government official of the findings of the law firm.

However, the most noteworthy event did not make front page news: the Federal Reserve’s (apparently) unsolicited memo to the committees of Congress that oversee financial services warning.

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