The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Florida Appeals Court Revisits Earlier Ruling Dealing With Two Lenders Simultaneously Foreclosing The Same Mortgage In Separate Legal Actions

Depending on how the lease is worded, you may have a new lease for the same term [like a new year] or the more common month-to-month tenancy, which happens automatically by law [Civil Code 1945], under the same terms and conditions except for the tenancy being month-to-month.

There is no separate filing fee for filing a motion for stay or injunction in the court of appeals, but all required fees must have been paid in the underlying action before the court of appeals.

Appeals Court Ruling The Appeals Court upheld the trial court’s decision to restore title to the real estate and order Andrew to turn over the sale proceeds. The court also agreed that the trial judge properly found Andrew’s wife, Kai, to be liable since she received some of the property or use of the sale proceeds.

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The Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Document Video Florida Appeals Court Revisits Earlier Ruling Dealing With Two Lenders Simultaneously Foreclosing The Same Mortgage In Separate Legal Actions A Florida appellate court recently re-addressed a one-paragraph ruling originally issued in June that dealt with two mortgage lenders who were foreclosing on the exact same mortgage in two seperate foreclosure actions.

 · cook county record– The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit is poised to become the first appeals court in the country to decide whether a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision could stop additional plaintiffs from joining class action lawsuits in states where they don’t live.

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Over the last two decades home ownership has increased by only 3.6%, but foreclosures per home have increased by 335.6%. The blame for this dramatic increase in foreclosures can be traced directly to the sub-prime (hard money) mortgage market (which means greedy lenders and realtors who know for certain the borrower cannot afford the home).

Citifinancial, Inc., 228 F. Supp. 2d 664, 670 (D. Md. 2002) (In Chapter 13 debtor’s litigation against mortgage holder under Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) and Home Ownership and equity protection act (HOEPA), "a court does have the authority to condition rescission of a security interest upon the debtor tendering to the creditor its legal due . . . . [T]he Bankruptcy Court . . . has discretionary authority to reduce (and, if it finds the circumstances warrant, eliminate) the creditor’s.

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