The bank moved to seize a widow’s home. But it didn’t tell her the loan was insured.

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What happens when your spouse dies and your name isn’t on the mortgage loan? You could lose your house if you’re not careful. Follow these tips for dealing with a mortgage after death.

I had also received cuts to my income and could no longer afford the home and was consumed in debt. I made the very difficult decision (after consulting 3 attorneys) to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy and because the bank wasn’t responding to requests for a loan modification, I surrendered the home.

McGregor MacMahon: veracity millet The bank moved to seize a widow’s home. But it didn’t tell her the loan was insured. As it moved to seize home, bank never told widow her loan was insured | fort worth star-telegram. bank never told widow her loan was insured.

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As it moved to seize home, bank never told widow her loan was insured | Fort Worth Star-Telegram. bank never told widow her loan was insured. "I didn’t know that the insurance policy.

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Answer. Because you inherited the house from your spouse, you’re likely eligible to assume the loan under federal law. You also, as of April 19, 2018, have the right to get information about the loan and seek loss mitigation (foreclosure avoidance) options. Alternatively, you might be able to refinance the loan.

"Can a bank" garnish my social security check?. Federal Reserve Bank and Federal Home Loan Bank checks* Next business day (mon-fri). Your loan contract or note with the bank will tell you how your bank determines changes to your interest rate.

He and I have started a home repair business, which is really beginning to bring in a steady income. My teenager’s college fund is almost fully funded with what she and I have agreed I will contribute.

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