SHOCKER! Massive Charter Scandal Stretches from Ohio to Florida by Diane Ravitch

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Capital and Main reported, "No sooner did author-academic Diane Ravitch expose this month the charter leanings of Governor Gavin Newsom’s task force studying the fiscal impacts of charters than California schools superintendent and panel chair Tony Thurmond found a Twitter blowtorch pointed his way." My tweet was part of that blowtorch.

Diane Ravitch: Charter schools are making our pubilc schools worse By Diane Ravitch Jun 28, 2018. which collected $1 billion from Ohio taxpayers from 2000 until its bankruptcy earlier this year.

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The survival of the school-reform movement, as it’s known to champions and detractors alike, is no longer assured. Even a couple years ago, few would have predicted this turn of events for a.

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185 Quicklink 11/21/2018 D.C.: Parents Fight Bureaucracy to Try to Get a Public School in Their Neighborhood; by Diane Ravitch (# of views) 186 quicklink 11/22/2018 Have You Heard: Jennifer Berkshire.

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Dear Deb, Now that our mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is readying himself as a potential candidate for the Presidency, it is clear that education will be one of his signature issues. sadly, he knows no.

City principals should overcome their fear and join with more than a thousand of their colleagues from across the state who oppose New York’s teacher evaluation rules, Diane Ravitch urged during a.

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Diane Ravitch to Readers: Don’t Let Charter Industry Silence John Oliver.. That is why Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and California are scamming taxpayers. No one is demanding accountability. Politicians get paid off by charter friends, then cripple any effort to oversee them Ohio and Michigan.