Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

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Maybe they can; maybe they’re working really hard. Adam Ant on Aug. 1, and Big & Rich Party Like Cowboyz on Sept. 27. Meanwhile, a Facebook page started in May 2011 urging people to “Boycott the.

Did it perhaps unwittingly play into anti-Semitic tropes about rich Jews. [the Clinton] campaign, in the headquarters. and they're all going to.

Well, maybe many citizens do not have that idea, because it is just flat wrong. Another infamous email demanding passage of a mythical "Congressional Reform Act" claims members of Congress do not pay Social Security taxes. That, too, is wrong

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Lacy Clay (D-University City) in Missouri's 1st Congressional District.. go to the emergency room, they're seen in the emergency room, they're. Maybe it's because they have an affinity for Lacy Clay's father Bill Clay, maybe they have an. Rich, a listener: I live in south St. Louis. and Lacy Clay has been.

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Or maybe they never really wanted Dino to go to D.C.. The SECB.. They're being a bit coy but it's pretty clear they know it's over. It's nice that.

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But they’re about to run smack into the $200 million cap on liability. A House gop leadership aide said it’s too early for Congress to weigh in . The staffer said committees with jurisdiction are.

Can only the wealthy run for Congress?. they’re not allowed to take in outside income (from sources like speaking fees) that amounts to more than 15 percent of their salary (the base pay for a.

"Maybe because I’ve been around a little while now, too. who know that they’re going to have to keep on learning all their lives." Rich doesn’t mention it, but she also has been instrumental in.

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Too bad many are missing your point on the last two sentences, which sum up the Ds to a T!. Many of the members of congress ARE in fact the rich people that their legislation benefits. Pelsoi herself has a net worth of $120 million.. Maybe they’re not afraid of Impeachment.