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A detachable cowl also deflects heat from the medium surface. ideal for noncontact radiant heating of materials in test tubes, crucibles, small flasks, and beakers. Effective heating of a test tube sample should be done 25 mm above the top of the burner.

deposition is somewhat arbitrary; Lovett et a/.* have noted that impaction of cloud droplets to mountainous terrain represents a major fraction of both the water budget and pollutant deposition at such sites. The foregoing subprocesses represent the phenomena that must be included in the description of the overall acid deposition process.

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The Coulomb one, in which the divergence of the vector potential is set to zero, is often used when sources are not present. Within the Lorentz one, the divergence of the vector potential plus the product of one over c and the time derivative of the scalar potential is zero.

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The invention relates to the field of the additive manufacturing of components, which are formed by the direct deposition of a substance, in the form of granules of a metal or non-metal, which passes from a reservoir into a melt bath, produced by the thermal energy.

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tion and forest soils and Dr. Ellis B. Cowling on acid precipitation and. Furthermore, the Symposium was to serve as a forum for academic,

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Furthermore, how the complex chemical environments relevant to. from a surface (Chapman and Cowling 1970; and references therein).