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What do you do to relax? Running is my therapy. As a working mom with two children, it is often the only time I get to myself. I have completed eight half marathons and am keeping my eye on the full.

These relaxation quotes for national relaxation day explain exactly why taking a break from time to time is not only a nice thing to do for yourself, but a vital thing to do for yourself.

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Stress at work is commonplace, but there are ways to minimize stress that can. to help celebrate National Relaxation Day, celebrated august 15 each year.. it's important that we set time aside each day to relax, to be still, to breathe.. So, in honor of National Relaxation Day, here are 10 ways to help you.

August 15 marks National Relaxation Day. Yes, National Lazy Day was only five day ago, but this is a different holiday. Today is the day we get to celebrate relaxing. Unfortunately, like National.

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Today Tuesday 15th August, 2017 is National Relaxation Day. Relaxation Day is all about reminding you of the importance of taking time out of your day, everyday, and using it to breath properly, relax your mind and body, and for at least for a short while banish the stress that life brings you.